The purpose of this club is to study, promote an interest in, and disseminate knowledge of Lapidary and various Earth Sciences including but not necessarily limited to geology, paleontology and mineralogy. It is the Club's purpose to provide education in these fields to its members and to the general public; particularly youth and student groups.


The Lincoln Gem & Mineral Club youth group is the self-named "Mineral Monkeys." They participate in the Future Rockhounds of America (FRA) program, sponsored by the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. Since following the curriculum of this program, we have had five juniors graduate to "Rockhound."

The group is led by co-leaders Carolyn Ashmore and Susy McMahan.  Currently, there are 15 paid memberships in the group.  Each month, a new lesson from the FRA curriculum is taught. Badges are earned as each lesson is completed, and handed out at an Awards Ceremony during the Christmas Party or Mid-Winter Swap.

Open to ages 6 to 15.

$3 per year membership (with responsible adult). All youth must have a responsible adult with them at all club meetings and functions. (No drop-offs) This is for their safety should something unforeseen happen.

Meetings: Bethany Park Shelter House at 6:00 p.m. on the fourth Saturday of January; third Thursday of February, March, April; second Thursday of May (2016); third Thursday of September, October, November; and the first Sunday of December.

FRA Badge Projects

2016 Reaching Across Generations


Juniors 2015 FRA Graduates
December 2015 Juniors 2015 Future Rockhounds of America Graduates
2015 Adult Helpers  
Senior "Helpers" recognized by Mineral Monkeys